Diffendaffer.com Re-born

It’s been a long time in the works, and it is with much relief, frankly, that I introduce to you the latest iteration of Diffendaffer.com.  This website has been here since 2000, and it was just over a year ago that I introduced my blog, Many Parts.  Today you will find a site that has been radically redesigned.  The switch from black to white is an obvious one, but there are many more changes under the hood that are going to make this website a much more dynamic and user friendly process.

I promised a more connected site, and today deliver you Many Parts with facebook Connect.  You can continue to comment on my website using your Many Parts
registration, or you can comment using your facebook login.  In fact, if you are logged in to facebook, you can comment simply by clicking the facebook Connect button at the bottom of the post.  Your comments will be carried back to facebook, and your friends and privacy settings will be carried into your experience at Many Parts.

You will notice there is also a button in the left sidebar to “friend” me on facebook.  For someone living in a cabin in the woods, having a face on the internet has alwasy been somewhat of a challenge.  If you have been around this website much you will have noticed that for years I pretty much let the images of my work speak for themselves.  Outside of a brief artist’s statement I kept things professional, not personal.  It is in the interest of connecting more thoroughly with my audience that I started this blog.  Meanwhile I’ve begun connecting with friends, family, and many students, readers, teachers and organizers on facebook.  It is without a doubt a whole new level of connectivity, and one into which I’d like to invite my audience at large.

Whether or not you wish to comment and be part of the online community here at Many Parts, and even if you don’t want to be my “friend.” you will find the site much better equipped to serve you the information you are looking for, and to help you share it with your friends.  In addition to an updated rss feed from feedburner (subscribe in the left sidebar), you will notice a “Share/Save” button at the bottom of every post and every page.  If you find something you like, please pass it on!

Perhaps most exciting of all, you will notice in the right sidebar a space that says “Watch this Space for Listings in My Etsy Shop.”  Watch that space for listings in My Etsy Shop.  That would be my soon to be debuted Etsy shop, that is.  You can find me on Etsy under the user name GrantDiffendaffer.  Visit now to sign up for an email notification when the shop is opened.  You can also subscribe to my Etsy listings rss feed in the left sidebar of this page.  And on the Many Parts right sidebar, soon, after I get back from vacation, images of jewelry will appear for you to click and buy.

Last but not least, my email is back up.  Much apologies if you sent me emails that bounced back, and many more if you just sent them and never heard from me.  grant at diffendaffer.com is back in action, chomping at the bit to make things, and ready to bring them to you.  Thanks to all of you and to everyone that helped me make it this far.