Anne Goldman Ceramics

When I began working with polymer clay, I was fascinated with the ease by which patterns could be repeated.  For the next seven years, I explored highly ordered geometric patterns and symmetries.  About the time I began exploring organic patterns I got a job working for Anne Goldman, who makes deeply textured ceramics vessels.  After that there was no turning back.  I loved the ease with which Anne approached the patterning of her pots.  While she would stick closely to a given style for a pot, there was a freedom in her process that I loved.  Nature is not always perfect.  While forms are replicated, there is always variation.  I enjoy this flexibility in my own work, and appreciate the room it gives me to explore.

Anne calls this pot her “Coastal Rock Vase.”



Says Anne:

“The name speaks for itself, magnificent rock formations along the California coast, near Salt Point just south of Mendocino. This landscape provides endless inspirations.”

You can visit Anne’s website here.  Besides influencing my aesthetic, it was extremely educational to see how Anne ran her business and the perfectionism she applied to her work.