Behind the Scenes

There hasn’t been much activity on this blog in quite some time, due to life getting busy and all.  At the moment I’m at work behind the scenes rebuilding the site, which has never worked quite the way I want it to.  I’ll spare you the technical details except to say that it is happening from the bottom up, starting with my computer and ending with a soon to be debuted new site.  So if you come here for pretty pictures or self absorbed artistic drivel or maybe you just like beads, stay tuned for a higher level of connectivity.

On the flip side, my studio is still in the middle of being insulated.  Finally I’ll have someplace warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer.  I can handle the cold with layers only until my fingers start to stiffen up.  So life is looking up in that regard.  Likewise I won’t have to worry about the vast differences in clay consistency that happen when you work in a room that can range from the low 40’s into the 100’s.  Not melting myself has it’s benefits too.

Chief on that list of benefits of course will returning to my creative work in the studio.  Rest assured that when I do you will see the latest here first.  And its all gonna be faster and better and more fun.