Dan Cormier is Rollin’


He is on the road and moving forward with new work.  Dan Cormier is a master of design, execution and finish.  He is consistently setting higher standards for his own work, as this brand new and never before published image demonstrates.  These beads are from his “Building Better Beads” workshop and feature decorative polymer clay veneers made using his “Cutting Edge” technique.  For a number of other new images and information on his class this weekend in Connecticut and next weekend at the Artway in Maryland, check out the posts by Susan Lomuto on her blog, Polymer Clay Notes.

I don’t know if I can sum up Dan’s approach to his work better than I did in my response to a post Cynthia Tinapple made on her Polymer Clay Daily blog.  So, to quote myself:

“His work is impeccable and he and Tracy make excellent teaching partners. Sometimes people don’t understand what it takes to come up with new techniques the way Dan does. It takes a lot of love, devotion, and hard work, not to mention natural talent and the mind of a mad scientist. He’s a polymer clay braniac, and you can rest assured that when he brings his new techniques to town that he will have all the kinks worked out and a slam dunk presentation to boot.”

His classes may be sold out (check into that) this time around, but it is worth it to try and squeeze in.  If you are not in his neighborhood, then bring him to yours.