Dan Cormier’s Raygun Gothic Childhood

It was an innocent time when humanity’s apparent path of forward progress was most purely symbolized by it’s inevitable arc upward and outward to the stars. Sleek and stylish rocketships carried our imaginations in soft force fields of anti-gravity cushioned comfort to a future where space dogs spoke accented english and robots did the dishes.

Looking back to that time of innocent future vision I am  drawn to re-examine these pieces by Dan Cormier.  Beautifully crafted, colorful, and personal, they remind me of my childhood and make me yearn for the life of astral leisure once held forth as the promise of tomorrow.  Is it something that only a child could believe in now?

I just got an email from Canadian Cormier, who reports a successful and enjoyable month long teaching trip to the Southeastern U.S., where he taught eight polymer clay workshops in five cites. He sends this photo of his son Griffin watching a launch of the Space Shuttle from the comfort of the beach in front of their hotel.  It all comes full circle.


See more of Dan’s work on his website, as well as in my book.