From our Boot to Yours

Season’s Greetings.

I’ve been working on Storied Haven in different ways since 2015, when I helped Bree Hylkema and Five Ton Crane build it.  

At the time, my interest in photogrammetry was really taking off, and I determined that the boot would make an excellent subject.

I’ve had a few opportunities to take photos of it over the years, but it took until just recently where I had the combination of ample quality photos, suitable software, and some way that I could present my model with a bit of storytelling that is somehow in service of the larger project.

That has all resolved this year as something of a holiday video card and a love note to a boot, and the amazing community of artists that made it happen.

My previous post included a simple turntable video of the model that I created of Storied Haven by using a few hundred photos shot on my Sony A7ii and Reality Capture photogrammetry software. After that I took the project into Twinmotion, which is real-time architectural rendering software. Twinmotion is truly a dream for visualizing 3D models in beautiful fashion with ease.

I finished it all off with Adobe Premiere Rush. The hours involved were basically countless, as the model went through various renditions and got shelved while I waited for better software and photography. Ultimately I had to run it through ZBrush for some manual modeling on the toe, which wasn’t coming through clean with the photos that I had.

I may go elsewhere with this project, as it is just too fun to put down. It wanted to be off my desk and out in the world though, so I hope you all enjoy it, and to you all…

Good Tidings.