Hot off the 3D Presses

This happened while I slept (and before and after).  12 hours on the Printrbot.  After removing it from the support structure, I will mold the model with silicone and re-create it in bronze using metal clay.  After seeing the beautiful finish the last buckle took with a bit of torch patina I can’t wait to see this in finished form.  You can see it yourself in person at Maker Faire Bay Area in just one week!  I’ll have a whole booth there with a brand new business name (stay tuned for website) and all of my gorgeous new jewelry.  I have tons of earrings in bronze, copper, and silver and am burning the midnight oil rounding out my line with embroidered cuffs, cufflinks, pendants, hat pins and more.

I’ll be making an early release of my jewelry line, available exclusively on Kickstarter within two weeks.  This pre-order process will allow me to gauge interest in my various offerings, refine my production methods, and reduce the amount of time I spend on individual pieces (think savings for you), as well as providing me the funds to create reproductions of my designs, improve my equipment (think even more beautiful results), and to put the work in front of you and on your body.  Early supporters get discounts as a reward for enabling my scaled up production process.