How to Add an Etsy Mini to Your Page

It’s simple to display an up to date selection from your Etsy shop right on your own web page, blog, or facebook profile. Etsy will provide you with the code for a simple widget that you just past in where you want it. Get the code here. On this site, which runs on WordPress, I pasted the code in a text widget in the right hand sidebar. >>>>

Facebook is a little more of a pain, as it offers such poor native customization abilities. In order to display code such as the Etsy Mini on your facebook page you will need to use a third party facebook application such as MyStuff. After installing the app, be sure to edit settings to add a box to your profile. Then visit the MyStuff application, click “add code” and paste in the Etsy Mini code.

What? You don’t have an Etsy shop? Well Etsy is for buyers too, and the Etsy Mini can be configured to display items on your wishlist. Do the world a favor and promote your favorite handmade craft.