Introducing… Five Ton Crane

You may know of the Steampunk Treehouse and the Raygun Gothic Rocketship.  Perhaps you have heard tell of a certain famous Sean and other shadowy luminaries of the industrial strength Oakland art scene.   But who are these people anyways?  And where can you find them?   Five Ton Crane is the answer.  The website is just getting off the ground (shooting for 1-3 ft right now–just proof of concept on some new experimental web engine technology), but the crew is flying ahead:

“Join us Friday, March 5th, from 6-10pm for our first ever group show at Warehouse416.

We will be displaying works from the Five Ton Crane crew, with signature pieces from The Raygun Gothic Rockethship and The Steampunk Tree House.

This is our first ever public event. Please join us in celebrating the work of an amazing group of friends and artists.

We’ve also got a special guest, Nicole Catrett, from The Exploratorium, showing her TiltShift-O-Scope and Strobe-O-Scopes!

And if you’re hungry there will be some really delicious falafel from Liba Falafel Truck(Yummmmmmmmm).

In the market for that special little octopus for that special little someone?
Come and check out the unique stuffed artistry of Dorklandia.

The show is at 416 26th Street, Oakland, (Betw.Telegraph and Broadway)

with DJ Patti Cakes

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Molly Reichert

Colleen Paz

Jay Kravitz

Ake Grunditz

Leslie Grunditz

David Shulman

Almost Scientific

Ben Carpenter

Tom Sepe

Max Chen

Maurice Cavness

Jody medich

Colin Babcock

Jo Slota

Nathaniel Taylor

Sean Orlando

Don Hayler

Nicole Catrett

Angela Scrivani

Elwyn Crawford

Grant Diffendaffer