Introducing…GrantDiffendaffer on Etsy

I’m proud to announce the opening of my online shop at  If you don’t know what Etsy is, then I’m happy to tell you that there is an online marketplace dedicated to the handmade and poised to take over the world.  And that I’m selling my jewelry there.

You can visit my shop at My latest listings will also appear on the right sidebar of my newly re-designed website.  This post will maintain a similar live preview of my listings (just a bit larger).  You can also keep up to date by subscribing to my Etsy listings feed.

If you must be old fashioned and just “search” for me Etsy’s search engine is a bit wonky.  Just searching my name will not necessarily find my work.  You will have to specifically search “Sellers,” and you will have to spell my name without spaces between Grant and Diffendaffer, e.g., GrantDiffendaffer.  Come on Etsy–make it easy!  To their credit, I top the list if you just search “grant” under sellers (though this is purely alphabetical), and the only listing if you search “grantd.”  It would be easier if it just worked like Google.

However you do it, stay tuned for new jewelry, big and beautiful, and in front of you Fast.