Liv Blavarp

I think I’ll just stick with my favorite artists thread for the moment and mention Liv Blavarp.  Check out this stunning selection of her jewelry on the Charon Kransen Arts page.  This Norwegian wood wizard works with exotic hardwoods, which she sometimes dyes, and similar organic carvables such as ivory and tagua nut.  It’s modern sculpture for the neck.  This is the kind of jewelry that you have your hands on all the time, and are always taking off to look at.  I look forward to the day where I can see her work in person.  For now, I’ll have to be content with these beautiful images.  For more, check out this link from the Charon Kransen Arts (NYC) website.


There aren’t many artists I can look at and think “I want to make that.”  Liv is one of them.  It is a struggle for an artist to maintain original thought in the presence of such compelling inspiration.  You can find her bio on the website of Santa Monica’s Sculpture to Wear gallery, which I have had the good fortune to visit, and look forward to returning to someday.  For more on Liv, check out the article from Metalsmith which is re-printed on the site of the OXOXO Gallery (Baltimore, MD).