Oakland² at the MOMA: Group Show

I’m honored to be a part of a group show that has been housed for several months in several exterior windows of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, or MOMA.  The installation is created by the most amazing crew of artists I’ve personally had an opportunity to associate with, Five Ton Crane.  The piece, titled Oakland², is sponsored by the MOMA artist’s gallery and can be seen at 147 Minna and 150 Natoma Streets until June 1 2013.

The inspiration for the show is the diverse beauty of the city we call home, Oakland.  It’s a testament to the creative capacity and variety of the group and a personal twist on where we play in the bay.  The work involves six scenes of Oakland that were broken into grids of as many as 80 squares per scene, each of which was done by an individual artist in their own particular style.  It is an honor to be a participant and I’m grateful to once again see my work carried by the hard labor of this talented group, especially those who pulled long and hard to make this happen.

For the show I created two squares representing the hallowed visage of Oakland’s iconic art deco Fox Theater, recent beneficiary of a multi million dollar restoration and regular home to world class musical acts.  My recent work has been undergoing a drastic process of rebirth here in the studio and I was pleased to spearhead this transformation by tackling this project with my new CNC embroidery machine.  This was an enormous undertaking for someone new to the technology, as I quickly came to appreciate, learning the nuts and bolts of embroidery digitizing, and tackling the challenges of re-hooping and aligning the fabric multiple times to create a large embroidery.

Following are pictures of my two squares, each measuring 1 square foot, followed by a shot of the collective piece.  See the rest of the exhibit online here and in San Francisco until June 2013.

Speaking of exhibits you must catch while they last, don’t miss your chance to see the Raygun Gothic Rocketship on the San Francisco embarcadero.  The sublime retro futuristic monument also constructed by the aformentioned Five Ton Crane is scheduled to depart the solar system March 16th.

Stay tuned for more exciting new work.  I’ll give you a hint…it involves digital fabrication

12 “x 12”

12′ x12″

Minna Window #3

Minna Window #3