More Photos from Capitol Theater @ Renwick: No Spectators

Capitol Theater. What a looker. I couldn’t stop snapping shots. I’ve updated the gallery from my last post with a bunch more images. Hurry and glom a seat–the curtain is about to go up!

Capitol Theater by Five Ton Crane

It’s a challenge to credit a big job like this–please be patient as I document and attribute. I retain photo copyright but give permission to publish with the following attribution: “Capitol Theater: Five Ton Crane (or properly credited individual artist); Photography: Grant Diffendaffer.” Thank you.

Over 60 artists contributed to this project. Kudos to all. If there was something subversive about this show I’d have to say that one element is the exhibition of a collaborative work of art that makes no particular effort to call attention to the individual artists. There are no little number stickers with a matching placard on the wall. The answers you are looking for come out of the art itself. That became apparent to me looking at this display of film reels, which happened to be in a glass museum case outside of the theater.

Film reels

Extra special thanks goes to Lead Artists Bree Hylkema and Sean Orlando, Lead Fabricators Jay Kravitz, Clifford Florio and Stephanie Shipman, who put in hours daily for the 10 (short ?!?) weeks it took to build this. Multiple artists helmed major individual projects. To name a few of those: Mural painting and gold leaf–Tania Seabock; Marquis paintings of Crocodile and Swan–Imogen Speer; Concession Stand–Derrick Gomez; Candy–Mike Woolsen and Katie Keech; Movie Directore–Allen White; Choreography and Dance–Jody Power; Poster Design; Jay Kravitz and Becca Henry, Dashboard; Michael Sturtz; Hood Ornament–Jo Slota… It might not be possible to de-construct art like this by simply listing constituent elements and tying them to names, but there are names behind its construction and they all deserve to be in the Smithsonian.

The artists, as they have identified themselves:

Capitol Theater Crew List