New Websites from “Polymer Clay Beads” Artists

I plan to say more about these two great artists later, but for the time being, be sure not to miss the new website and blog from Dan Cormier and the excellent Polymer Art Archive from Elise Winters, which features a look back at the young history of polymer clay from the viewpoint of insiders and fellow “Polymer Clay Beads” artists Elise, Lindly Haunani, Kathleen Dustin and more. Elise has a fantastic cache of imagery and recently shared these great images of the work of Cynthia Toops, who I will have the good fortune to see when I go to Seattle next week to speak to the Northwest Bead Society.

The first shot is a step by step and a great insight into Toops layer by layer graphic process.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always a sucker for the sea. Check out Toops’ gorgeous anemone necklace: