Passenger Side: Montana

What do you get when you combine photography, illustration, comic books, and a drive-through big sky country? I got inspired.

The cats out of the bag. It’s no secret anymore. I love photography. I’ve used it as a tool for a long time, but rarely put it forth as a solo medium to express myself.

I’ve always had a strong eye for composition, and as my photography skills catch up, I am amassing quite a collection of pictures. I’ve decided it’s time to start sharing them.

Visual storytelling is also a passion of mine. I shot all of these photos through a moving truck window, with an illustration filter. I shot quickly, as scenes flew by. I love the way that the ever-moving camera implies a narrative thread. Turning them into a comic book style collection was the natural next step.

How did I do it? With a Sony a7ii with an illustration filter. Layout with the Comic Book app (very labor intensive for this many photos). Need help with composition? Check out this method of composing your images and doing panel layout with the golden mean. I hope you liked the pictures. I’m working on some more graphics projects and will post those here when they are ready.