“Polymer Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration” by Grant Diffendaffer

Polymer Clay BeadsI have promotional copies in hand and the first shipment of Polymer Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration is on its way to me now. It looks like those of you that already ordered with holiday gifts in mind might be in luck. If you are surprised by the new cover, that’s because its the surprising new cover. Surprise! The first one was a mock-up for early catalog purposes. The new one features Textured Tube Beads (red and grey), a Lathe Turned and Textured Bead (gold and orange), an Extruded and Lathe Turned Bead (gold), and an Extruded, Twisted, and Lathe Turned Bead (green). All of these beads and many more are featured in the tutorials and lavish photos of this gorgeous hardbound book from Lark Publishing. Capping off 144 pages is a gallery of work from twelve of the worlds finest polymer clay bead artists. Come back here for more on them in days to come. You can order the book here.