The Gods in Color: Polychromy in the Ancient Arts

Projection Mapping for Museum Exhibition at the Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco.

Digital Design & Fabrication

Additive and Subtractive CNC. Router, Laser Cutter, Wire Bender, ZUND, Small & Large Format 3D Printing, Ceramic 3D Printing, Resin Printing, Digital Embroidery, 3D Scanning

Berkeley Squared: Public Art by Five Ton Crane Arts Collective

Installed at the Moffit Library at U.C. Berkeley. Featuring my lasercut square amongst the work of many talented individuals.

Oakland Squared: Public Art by Five Ton Crane Arts Collective

Featuring my Digital Embroidery Squares alongside the work of many other talented artists.

Metal Clay Earrings. Copper, Bronze, and Silver

Created using 3D printed patterns and silicone molds. Part of my Steadcraft line of digital craft.

Storied Haven: Public Art by Five Ton Crane Arts Collective

Lead Artist Bree Hylkema. I led a team to salvage and install hardwood flooring. Shown here at Burning Man with much of its original interior glory detailed.

Project Management and Carpentery

I’ve built sets, stages, props Burning Man theme camps, parklets, public art and even a 150′ slide.

Raygun Gothic Rocketship by Five Ton Crane Arts Collective

Lead artists Sean Orlando, Nathaniel Taylor, and David Schulman. I contributed rayguns, a bronze mission pennant and as an installer on multiple occasions. I also led the build of a large dustproof kitchen in the desert.

Rayguns: Relics of the Raygun Gothic

Created concurrently with my contribution to the Rocketship and shown at the Fuller Craft Museum.

3D Printing and Metal Clay

Pattern-to-mold process.

Polymer Clay and Silver Metal Clay

Beads with riveted silver endcaps.

Polymer Clay Beads: The Book

Published Jan 1, 2008. 144 page photo-illustrated how-to book with a contributing artists gallery. Amazon 4.5 stars.

Lathe Turned Beads

Polymer clay.

Texured Tube Beads

Polymer clay.

Mica Shift Beads

Polymer clay.

The Steampunk Treehouse

Collaborative art by Sean Orlando and the Five Ton Crane Arts Collective. I contributed to fabrication and multiple installations.