Scientifiction: Planet of Futuristic Art Discovered

I’ve been searching the universe for out  of this world visual inspiration, and I’ve found a solid gold planet’s worth.  Italian Fabio Femino’s web archive is f’ing full of futurism.  From pulp novels to magazine cover’s to official space agency illustrations, he’s got it all–page after page after f’ing page.

It’s where fact meets theory meets art:


Where the sublime and frightening beauty of outer space meets action, adventure, and stylish spacesuits:

Only among lustrous tomes like this 1926 Amazing Stories will you find the likes of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Edgar Allen Poe all sharing a cover with ice skating space monkeys of Titan:


Did I mention skin tight space suits?sf22-copy

But of course, I’m mostly interested in building rockets:


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Cuz even this stuff costs money:


Much thanks to Dark Roasted Blend for the link.  If you liked this stuff, check out their posts on futurism.