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I’ve mentioned that I’ll be crowdfunding my jewelry launch at Maker Faire, but this is something else you will want to see.  If you have been following me here for long, you may know that I’m involved with a group of Oakland centered artists called Five Ton Crane. We hammered out the Steampunk Treehouse in 2007, which was installed at Burning Man and now lives permanently at the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware. Or maybe you remember the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, which, after blasting off the playa in 2009 made a half dozen stops around the galaxy, including NASA Ames, and two years amid earthlings on the San Francisco embarcadero.  If that doesn’t ring a bell maybe you have been around when the Nautilus Submarine Art Car has surfaced, like the time when Adam Savage stood aboard deck to tell the crowds at Maker Faire what he has learned about working hard and working smart.

Now as we turn the page it’s your opportunity to become part of the story:

Our Next Adventure

Five Ton Crane needs your help to build its next project: Storied Haven.

It is a large scale, immersive sculpture rooted in storytelling that will debut at Burning Man 2015 and continue onward thereafter.

She is the keeper of stories, holder of memories, steward of dreams. In a fairytale world where animals talk and children shouldn’t wander the woods at night, an enchanted home inside of a grand boot lures us. It beckons to wayward passersby with a promise of fantastical delight and dark mystery.

Join us and be part of Five Ton Crane’s exciting new chapter.

Source: Storied Haven Project | Indiegogo