Student Work: Lathe Turned and Extruded Polymer Beads

Reader Gretchen Amberg from Chicago recently sent me this photo of some of her early lathe turned beads, created following the tutorials in my book.  Great Job Gretchen.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing Gretchen and many others for my workshops at the Bead & Button Show this week.


Denise Aratangy is coming all the way from Brazil, and sends this shot of a beautiful pendant using my ghost image techniques.


I knew I had some other student photos around and when I looked I found these killer extruded and lathe turned beads from Jeanette Kandray, who learned the technique in my 2007 workshop at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.  I’ll be teaching both the Lathe Turned Beads and the Extruded and Turned Beads at the Bead & Button Show, along with my Textured Tube Beads workshop.