The Steampunk Treehouse: Coachella Installation

I just returned from Southern California where I, along with the rest of the amazing Treehouse crew enjoyed two fantastic weeks in the desert, where we installed the Steampunk Treehouse for the Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. Have a look at this incredible three dimensional view from the treehouse balcony (click and drag in the window to move up, down…all around):

You can see more 3D views from Coachella here. Of particular note are Big Rig Jig from Mike Ross and crew and the Bamboo Wave by Gerard Minekawa and team. Alan Rorie of Almost Scientific and Bender at Backbone Metals have posted photos from the Installation Process. Thanks to both of them for these shots. Among their many contributions, Bender and Alan created the amazing Triaparator window and the beautiful bent rebar railing around the floor opening (respectively). Here are a few shots from them.

 Here’s a list of the media coverage via Alan: New York Times (scroll down past Big Rig Jig for an audio interview with Sean O and David S), The LA Times, Fox News (click the video link), Wired, The Sun-Sentinel and The Desert Sun. Thanks to all who worked so hard, for always bringing the good times.