Freshies, Kittens & 3D Printing!

Wishing you all good fortune in the new year and pausing to celebrate my own.

I got back on skis over the New Year holiday after several years of not skiing, and it was great on all counts. On the ephemeral level, I shredded powder. In pure data terms, gps said 46.9mph–also pleasing. I got to give a beginners lesson too, which was a good reminder of fundamentals. Here I make some quick turns:

I had a lot of fun photographing Montana out the car window–kind of like a combination between sports, portrait, and landscape. The composition is constantly changing and the challenge is to freeze the landscape in a pretty picture before it flies by. To focus on lines and colors and overcome motion blur and snowy windows I used an illustration filter on my Sony A7ii. It’s like speed painting:

The day after returning home we received a kitten into the household. Here is Cleopatra, 12 weeks old:

The next day I was relieved and excited to receive this new Kudo Bean 3D resin printer. It was due last February. I’m a patient person, so I’m glad to simply receive something solid at this point. I’ll let you know if it lives up to the promises of its maker to deliver high definition, convenience, reliable prints and easy maintenance. Kickstarter, I’ve learned, is a place where Campaign and Comments are often two very different sides of the (dollar) coin.

Kudo3D Bean

Not a bad start to the year for me, and I’m looking forward to keeping it on that track. I know life isn’t all fresh turns, but here’s to some for all in 2019! Cheers!