Jurassic Digital: ZBrush with Industrial Light & Magic

In keeping with the dinosaur theme in yesterday’s post, I thought I’d follow up with this look at how the world’s favorite digital sculpting software is used by the masters. I.L.M was founded by George Lucas in 1975 and continues to be at the forefront of motion picture visual effects.


This interview with Digital Creature Model Supervisor for Jurassic World, Geoff Campbell, explains the I.L.M. digital modeling workflow. The base model for the famous T-Rex was 3D scanned from the physical maquette used in the original Jurassic Park movie and sculpted in ZBrush. This is the sort of hybrid workflow that I especially enjoy.

How about you? Do you move back and forth between digital and physical when you are designing? What sort of digital tools do you use?  Let us know in the comment section!