Oakland Squared Redux

Five Ton Crane‘s “Oakland Squared” project was originally conceived for public installation in the outdoor window displays of the SF MOMA Artist’s gallery. After a six month installation there, they now have a new home in the newly-renovated Latham Square Building in uptown Oakland.
Each of the six original panels consists of individual 12″x12″ squares, created by various artists from our collective of several dozen. Via various styles, techniques, and materials, these multiple squares comprise iconic scenes of Oakland, the place where we collectively work. Long a home for artists, the city houses many peoples and industries, a heritage and history that we have each touched in our own unique way.
I contributed two CNC embroidered squares to this panel of the Fox Theater–just a block from where the panels now hang. So if you are in the neighborhood for a show at the Fox, come down Telegraph for a greyhound at Cafe Van Kleef, then walk next door to 1611 Telegraph Avenue and have a look at this richly detailed and diverse project.