Creating Videos from 3D Models.

This video was created automatically by Memento by setting “Key Frame” views for the camera to fly though (an option presenting opportunity to filmakers and animators). Video can be exported at ultra high resolution (up to 4K).

The original model was a carved wooden horse. I used the photogrammetry option in Memento, to make an automatic 3D digital recreation from a collection of photos. Once the model has been generated, the user can export video or still images, directly 3D print, or send the model to digital sculpting software or CAD.

Here are a few examples of the various views available to you for Memento 3D models. Note the shift between Textured (layered with photo detail), Wireframe (displaying polygonal surface geometry), and Solid (white with shadows).

Have you tried Memento yet? It’s free, and the Stanford Creative Ignition Lab is asking for your feedback.